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Toli Corporation

Floorsafe Max 2.8mm

Prevent slips and falls in any shower facility..

Floorsafe Max collection is the best solution to the bathroom flooring focusing on safety and cleanliness. With its excellent smoothness for wheels and casters, FloorSafe Max is suitable to prevent slips and falls in dementia, aged care and hospital shower facilities, handicapped bathroom in hospitals and nursing homes.

Complies with New Zealand Building Code Clause E3.3.3, 5, & 6 Floor surfaces of any space containing sanitary fixtures or sanitary appliances which must be impervious and easily cleaned. 



Made in Japan.



Supplier website: Toli Corporation

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BNA2001 Beige (Stock)

BNA2001 Beige (Stock)

BNA2003 Tan

BNA2003 Tan

BNA2004 Grey

BNA2004 Grey

BNA2002 Salmon

BNA2002 Salmon

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Before installing Floorsafe Max

After installing Floorsafe Max

Temperature measurements over a bare concrete floor

  • FloorSafe Max 3.5mm average 4.5oC warmer when used over bare floor
  • FloorSafe Atari 2.8mm average 3.5oC warmer when used over bare floor
  • 2.0mm sheet vinyl 1.5oC over bare floor
  • 0oC bare floor measurement

FloorSafe Max 3.5mm vrs 2.0mm sheet vinyl and FloorSafe Atari 2.8mm rs 2.0mm sheet vinyl

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