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Toli Corporation

5100 Woven

(25x100cm) In the style of natural hemp...

25 x 100cm

A combination of slightly different yarn colors, have helped to create and express the deep colors in the style of natural hemp. A vibrant texture where different colors and patterns combines to enhance each piece highlighting the natural appeal of living fibers.

  • Delivered in a compact durable case of  (2.5m 2 / 10 tiles per case)
  • Available from selected flooring and decorating outlets near you
  • Shipped within 2-3 weeks of confirmed order


Supplier website: Toli Corporation

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FF5101 Beige

FF5101 Beige

FF5102 White

FF5102 White

FF5103 Green

FF5103 Green

FF5104 Brown

FF5104 Brown

Carpet Tile...  FF5101 | FF5102

Carpet Tile...  FF5101 | FF5103

Carpet Tile... FF5103

Our products are available from recognized flooring retailers and commercial flooring contractor outlets throughout New Zealand. See our retailers here…

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Retail Price (inc GST):$ 91.55 per m2
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