Think outside the Square with Carpet Tile Planks!

Tuesday August 11, 2020 10:20

Carpet Tile Planks are a range of Carpet Tiles that are available in a rectangular format. Carpet Tile Planks offer the same benefits as Carpet Tiles, while offering endless design possibilities.

Carpet Tile Planks can be installed various ways including: Herringbone, Monolithic, Brick Ashlar, Basketweave or Random

The elongated style of these carpet tile planks presents design opportunities that would be impossible with broadloom carpet or even square carpet tiles. Planks are ideal for creating a dynamic and integrated floor design.

A wide range of colours and designs, makes it ideal to mix and match to create a unique appearance for your interior space. Carpet Tile Planks are 25cm x 100cm, which can be used alongside other carpet planks or in coordination with square carpet tiles.

Plank layout design options: