Mazda Motor Logistics Europe Office

Tuesday August 11, 2020 10:21

Project: Mazda Motor Logistics Europe

Photo: Vorwerk Crystal Carpet Tiles

Architect: OTOMI Store Design Lab

Vorwerk Carpet Tiles are the perfect option for Architectural use in Commercial spaces... The design options, colours are textures are endless with German designed and made, Vorwerk Carpet Tiles... Hadi Teherani and Vorwerk are making Architects and Interior Designers aware again of what a Carpet Tile can do.

In the meantime they are now being grasped as a viable design option, as an individualised asset for planners and designers. “When given different formats to choose from, different carpet products, directional flows and colours can then be made use of, and suddenly images arise on the floor,” is how Hadi Teherani explains the concept.

Vorwerk Carpet Tiles is comprised of intriguing geometries, colours and products.

Vorwerk Carpet Tiles are exclusive to EcoFloors New Zealand

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