Cork is one of the quietest, warmest and most comfortable floor coverings available. Its natural qualities actively combat mould and mildew as well as providing excellent insulation and resistance to wear and tear. Cork flooring is harvested from protected cork oak trees in Portugal, and come pre-finished. 

Cork's cell structure resembles a honeycomb, enabling it to act as a natural thermal and sound insulator and also providing shock absorbing properties. These exclusive qualities of cork make it ideal to use in flooring, as it grants and exceptional comfort while also being a renewable and sustainable resource.

 Cork is a naturally soft material, so you might anticipate it would have a low Janka rating. Of course, you are correct; its Janka hardness is around 200, so it's only one-fortieth as hard as strand woven bamboo. However, things aren't necessarily as bad as they might appear. Cork is also a highly elastic material. The unique physical properties of cork translates into an amazingly quiet, comfortable and durable floor. 

Cork vs hardwood. Cork is derived only from the bark of the cork oak tree so each tree that provides the cork we use is still standing and going strong. Cork is an eco-friendly, simple, and sustainable/renewable resource. In comparison to other hardwoods, cork is more cost-effective as well as it does multiple jobs.