From Toli Corporation of Japan, EcoFloors introduces a totally new line of 100% Homogeneous vinyl flooring since the first line of Toli Linoleum was manufactured in Japan over 100 years ago.

HITOE Commercial Vinyl also carries the NW mark for 'No Wax' vinyl, making it suitable for a variety of project uses including Healthcare, Education, Commercial & Hospitality.

HITOE Commercial Vinyl offers outstanding performance with the best life cycle costs on the market. The standard durability of all 'NW Toli Series' are: 50 years

Independently certified and manufactured under Environmental Management System Certified: ISO 14001

HITOE sheet vinyl is the perfect option anywhere a hard-wearing and easy maintenance floor vinyl is required.

Durable, Strong and Exquisite...

 No Wax Required | Advantages of NW 'No Wax' Series