In 1967 Autex was founded as a manufacturer of unique jute-based carpet under-felts and specialty backings for vinyl flooring. Soon afterwards Autex established a plant to make needle-punched polypropylene carpets. In 2019, EcoFloors continues the tradition of maintaining market presence pioneered by Autex of the highly successful needle punch carpet brands, Images, Avondale Broadrib, Decord and Hobnail.

Today, EcoFloors is fast becoming the leading supplier of non-woven textiles in New Zealand with major players Nolan UDA in the Australian textile market. 

Images, Avondale Broadrib, Decord and Hobnail designs are inspired by some of the world's leading designers, our comprehensive product range has evolved through decades of development and innovation since 1967. Explore endless possibilities where the only limits are set by your imagination.

Suitable for a variety of projects and applications including: Commercial, Healthcare, Retail, Education & Office Fit Outs

For superior performance, beware of cheap imitations on the market.