Project: Paws At Home

Vinyl: PetSafe Vinyl

Interior: Designwell

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

Paws at Home have developed an exciting new Pet Care Centre that offers a new multi faceted approach to the dog day care model. Paws at Home selected our PetSafe Cushion Vinyl which has been developed for Cats and Dogs because they too are part of the family.

One of the biggest issues with pets and floors is scratching, especially if you don’t keep nails trimmed. Even pets that don't actively scratch floors can still leave their mark just by walking, running or jumping around.

PetSafe cushion vinyl is scratch resistant, durable, soft underfoot, hardwearing and the 10 colour choices from woods through to tile images are perfect to suit any interior.

Its durability means that Pet Safe Cushion Vinyl will also perform well at home as well as in commercial pet care facilities.