EcoFloors provides innovative flooring that help to improve the learning atmosphere and contribute to health and wellbeing in the education sector in class 

rooms, libraries, study areas, and other parts of educational buildings.

EcoFloors carpet tiles are ideal for education providing a safe, practical, comfortable and inspiring learning environment.

Select from a wide range of colours and designs to create visually inspiring learning spaces. Use bright patterned carpet tiles to stimulate creativity, or more subtle tones for study areas. Carpet tiles can be used to define different learning zones within a space.

EcoFloors Carpet Tiles will stand up to the demands of a busy learning environment, maintaining a fresh look even in busy areas such as hallways and common rooms that can be subject to heavy foot traffic.

SoftBack Plus Cushion Backing is also avaliable on selected ranges to provide foot comfort and sound insulation.

The Carpet Tiles listed below are 500mm x 500mm square tiles and are also available in rectangular planks (250mm x 1000mm)

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