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4mm & 6mm Carpet Tile Underlay

Compatible with all EcoFloors Carpet Tiles...


EcoCushion premium carpet tile underlay is compatible with all EcoFloors Carpet Tiles and ideal for Commercial, Healthcare, Retail, Education and Hospitality...

Features & Benefits: 

  • EcoCushion Underlay will not crush over time
  • Acoustic Benefits: Contributes to noise reduction; in case of multilevel construction on site testing by an acoustic engineer is recommended
  • Helps reduce cold shock under foot because it helps to retain the ambient room temperature
  • Meets and exceeds carpet manufacturers warranty requirements


  • Roll size: 20m x 950mm
  • Thickness: 4mm or 6mm
  • Weight: 4mm 19.0kg – 6mm: 25.5kg

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Underlayment designed for carpet tiles to secure comfortable ambulation...

Suitable for: Commercial, Education, Healthcare and Hospitality through to Office Fitouts and Retail.


  • Use the same adhesive both upper and lower surfaces
  • Install TOLI logo side up (please see product image)
  • During installation, be sure the printed backside is laid away from the substrate
  • When you install 2 different rolls in length direction, each edge should be jointed at the seam. (Do not cut in the middle of the sheet.)
  • Remove from packaging, allow to recover before installation.
  • After you install Underlay Sheet for Carpet tiles, press with a roller until the air inside and the surface wrinkles are fully removed.